Properties & Methods

For all the listed properties, you may use the Smart Tag, clicking in the appropriate checkbox, or you can use the property programmatically. In the Smart Tag, if you leave the checkbox checked, the Boolean value is then 'True'. Unchecked, it becomes 'False'
Boolean Properties:
Used for Textboxes, in order to remove all the text from multiple textboxes all at once.

ControlGrouper1.BlankText = True

The ChosenControls Property is the list of controls added to each Control Grouper. It also has 2 methods (Add and Remove). To use it programmatically:

Dim ControlGrouper1 As New AugustWind.Controls.ControlGrouper

Here, too, you may check the ControlsApply checkbox in the Smart Tag, or use the property programmatically:

ControlGrouper1.ControlsApply = True

ControlsEnabled and ControlsVisible
ControlsEnabled controls the Enabled property of the Chosen Controls, while ControlsVisible controls the Visible property of the Chosen Controls:

ControlGrouper1.ControlsEnabled = False
ControlGrouper1.ControlsVisible = True

The ControlsWidth property controls the width of all the Chosen Controls:

ControlGrouper1.ControlsWidth = 75

Other Properties:
LicenseKey and UserName
When you purchase the ControlGrouper, your license key will be based on your User Name sent into the publisher. When registering the Control Grouper on the page, you will enter your name, exactly as sent to you, in the Username property,along with the license key sent to you, in the LicenseKey property.
If you use multiple ControlGroupers within a website, you can also add keys to the web.config file in the APPSETTINGS section:
<add key="Username" value="Name" />
<add key="LicenseKey" value="Key" />

All ControlGroupers in the website, covered by that particular web.config file will use the same Name/LicenseKey.

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